Hello, my name is Oskar Stål (Oskar Stal in English) and constructing software has been my passion since 1986.


At this time I got my first computer, it was a Commodore 64 and it completely changed me by transforming me into a computer-nerd.


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During my entire teens I was stuck in my basement writing assembler code for the C64 while others where out playing soccer and chasing skirts.


I developed demos for the C64 and lead the demo group named Light

together with a great friend.


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I was determined to become one of the best demo-programmers and we competed furiously against the other talented computer nerds.


I in the early nineties I reached by goals and won the most prestigious demo competition in Denmark two consecutive years.


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After high school I went to study computer science at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. At this point I got tired of the C64 and focused on the software work needed for collage. I mostly enjoyed the more theoretical classes around algorithms and complexity theory. Programming classes was also fun, but I hated stuff like electronics, mechanics and similar. I only cared about the software related stuff.


My first "real" job was in 1996 and I was hired to learn Java and become a Java developer. I worked for a small, around ten people, web company and helped spicing up web-sites through Java-applets and database backends. This job was a lot of fun, when you are in the flow of coding you just don't want the day to end.


Since then I have gradually been involved in constructing larger and larger software systems and today I'm involved in building a pretty large Internet service. Consequently I unfortunately got less and less time for actual coding and a few years back I had to stop coding completely.


Even though my job has included a lot of organizational and process work the last couple of years, I'm definitely mostly interested in the software aspect. Constructing software technology is what I really love doing.


Today my engineering focus is mostly on high scalable Internet services. The biggest focus is on building technology that enables rapid & simple product development while doing so on many devices and for many users.


I like the highly practical element of high-scale software. Clever algorithms is very interesting, but it's much cooler and more fun to focus on the practicalities of getting your software to work for a really high volume of users.



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